I develop each project personally from start to finish. Below is an overview of the design and etching process. Click on the thumbnails to the right of each step for a closer look at the steps involved. Please feel free to contact me or call 715-356-2391 to discuss your needs, wishes, or ideas for your next project.

Step 1

The process begins with a phone call between the client and myself. Generally, we will discuss the basic information about the project, such as sizing, the subject of the artwork, and any suggestions or requests. I develop preliminary sketches, drawn to scale, for your approval (i.e. 1/8" = 1"). Pricing will be discussed during this phase.

For this project, a collage of farm scenes etched onto mirrored glass, I began with aerial photos of the client's family farms. From these photos, I produced the sketch above for the client's approval.

Step 2

The scale drawing is reviewed by the client and changes are made, if needed, at this time. Once the scale drawing is finalized and approved, a 50% down payment is made (Final payment is due upon completion of the process).

The scale drawing depicts the layout of the composition in more detail and will serve as the blueprint for the full-size design.

Step 3

Next, I draw each scale drawing to full-size by hand. If the client would like to see the full size rendering, they will have the option to stop in or receive photos. Using carbon and contact papers, I transfer the image onto the glass. I use a variety of precise cutting tools to cut out the design by hand.

From the scale drawing, the full-size design is produced and applied to the glass.

Step 4

Lastly, the glass is placed in the "blast booth" with the remaining contact paper adhered to protect the areas that will remain untreated and ensure a crisp and clean design. Inside the blast booth the exposed glass is pelted with abrasive material under high pressure, giving it shading and depth. After the treatment process is complete, the paper can be stripped away, leaving your beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art!

Once I had fininshed cutting out the design, the project was placed into the blast booth for treatment. After the blasting process, stripping off the remaining paper and a little clean up, the client's vision became reality! The finished product is a beautiful mural piece of scenes from the client's family farms on mirrored glass.